Ladies, do not ignore these symptoms

Our health is the most important thing in the world and no one can take care of it better than us. It doesn’t have to mean that when you have any symptom or pain, that you are deadly sick, but still you need to always visit a doctor, if you are dealing with something for more than few days, or if the pain is too strong.Pain in your pelvis- This is a persistent pain which you can locate right underneath your navel.

If you feel the pain and you are not in your premenstrual period, than it can potentially be uterine cancer or cervical cancer.

It doesn’t have to be that, but check it.Swollen stomach- If you feel that your stomach is swollen than it can also be cervical cancer and what is even worse is that women usually ignore it. If you deal with this feeling for quite a while, then your doctor needs to check it with an ultra-sound.Vaginal bleeding- You can assume that if you have this problem that something is wrong.

When a woman has cancer, the best proof for that is vaginal bleeding, and this is the bleeding from the uterine.

If your periods are heavy, if you are bleeding during sex or if you are bleeding between cycles, than it can probably be cervical cancer or uterine cancer.High body temperature- If you have high body temperature for more than a week, then you definitely must visit a doctor. High body temperature is like a sign for help from your organism. That means you have some kind of inflammation, it doesn’t have to be cancer, but check it.