Comparison of Botox and Dysport Botulinum

Due to the use of botulotoxin type A in aesthetic medicine and cosmetology, the skin of the patient will always be beautiful and young. Type A botulinum toxin preparations are filled with various types of wrinkles and are also used to combat liquid and damaged hair, excessive sweating and intimate plastics in both women and men.
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Botox VS Dysport – What are the different products?

Botox and Dysport is a type A botulinum toxin, a neuro-paralytic poison that is used for cosmetic purposes in small quantities. The main difference between the drugs is the manufacturer, but the composition is almost identical. Botox was founded by the American company Allergan, and the brand Dysport – the French brand Beaufour Ipsen. When the body is young, it naturally produces the youthful products it needs. This is why baby skin is so naturally beautiful. But with age, our body begins to function worse due to the effects of the environment, disease and the wrong way of life. Skin is the main indicator of what is happening to our body inside. Therefore, wrinkles appear with age. This will not necessarily happen in 60-70 years, because the first mimicry can appear up to 25 years. At the moment, modern medicine offers a huge variety of products that fight the first signs of skin aging. But these products have short-term effects. A safe way out to achieve a long-lasting effect is to inject Botox or its analog – Dysport.

The difference between Botox and Dysport is expressed in the amount of botulinum toxin type A in both products. Neurotoxic protein complex in the composition of Dysport at a concentration of 12.5 nanograms, and in the composition of 1 bottle of Botox – 5 nanograms. The difference is also in the concentration of albumin. It is a smaller part of the Sport. Allergan has also included sodium chloride in its product, and Beaufour Ipsen replaces this with lactose. But with the introduction of Dysport, fluid is required relatively more than with the introduction of Botox.
Both products are introduced through microinjections at specific points in the muscles.

Substance paralyzes a particular muscle after administration. The tissue functions normally, the circulation continues, but the muscle relaxes and stops contracting, resulting in the restoration of all dermal cells in a particular area. Dysport has an interesting feature: over time, its effect becomes longer, so after a year or two may require only two injections per year.
Botox begins to act faster than Dysport. The first results after the application of Dysport appear within 1-4 days, after Botox and Xeomin result can be seen for 4-7 days. The Botox effect will begin to disappear in about ten to eleven weeks, and that of Dysport in about twelve weeks. Botulinum toxin preparations are completely excreted through sweat and blood vessels, leaving no trace.

The essence of botulinum therapy is to fight the patient’s habit of wrinkling. Unfortunately, no product will relieve you of wrinkles forever, but thanks to botulotoxin, your facial expressions will become less active and your skin even and beautiful.

What is harmful botulotoxin type A?

Due to its paralyzing effect, some patients notice that the face looks like a mask. But such consequences are possible only when the cosmetologist did not correctly enter the product. You need to make sure that your doctor is qualified because only he has the right to inject. Incorrect input can damage the muscle and even, at worst, paralyze adjacent muscles. As a result, dizziness, a clear eyebrow deflection, a sagging upper eyelid or twinning in the eyes, and nausea may occur. But thanks to dimethylethanolamine, a substance that enhances the production of acetylcholine in the muscle to restore its contraction, it is possible to correct these cosmetologist’s mistakes.

You need to undergo a course of mesotherapy to restore the work of a particular area that takes time and money. You can also restore muscle function by hardware techniques – microstimulation and micro-current therapy. But all these techniques will only weaken the effect, but will not completely repair the tissue. Dysport can bring adjacent muscles of the patient to the weakness of adjacent muscles, getting into the systemic circulation. This can lead to dysphagia or ptosis. The patient has the right to ask the doctor to explain the difference between the two products. Before the procedure, the doctor together with the patient collects anamnesis and decides what kind of manipulation is best done. In general, Dysport helps to reduce wrinkles more naturally, and Botox gives a more lasting effect, but it has a more artificial effect.

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