How to prevent depression

Depression isn’t a disease, it is a condition. There are three types of it. Light depression that requires therapist help only; medium depression, that is treated with antidepressants and heavy depression that requires therapist help and antidepressants.Therapist across the world are saying that every year, more and more people suffer from depression. The main cause of it is stress. It is linked to lack of sleep, bad mood, loss of appetite and reduced desire for pretty much everything.

Despite the common belief, that depression cannot be prevented, it can only be treated, there are many ways that a person can try to prevent this condition.

The first and most important thing is exercising! Any kind of physical activity will lower your chances for depression. While exercising, our brain releases chemicals that have a positive effect on our mood. After a longer period of exercising, we shall see that our muscles are bigger and that our endurance is better!This increases our self-confidence, which also fight back depression.

For example, morning exercises, will improve your mood during the whole day, and you only need 10 minutes for them.

Equally important is diet.

Food contains many nutrients that have a bad or positive effect on your mood. For example, the fish (due to omega 3 fatty acids) can make you a happier person. If you eat healthy food, you have less chance to develop depression.Sadly, there is no some 100% effective way to prevent this condition.

The important thing you must know is that depression is progressive condition! Light depression will progress and eventually it will become heavy depression. The solution is to visit a therapist when you feel the first symptoms. Light depression is easily treatable.Posted by Nikki Harden 4/8/15