Freshpaper to keep vegetables and fruits fresh

In our daily life we see that fruits and vegetables getting wasted by fastly growing of bacteria present in it, how frustrated and expensive it is to see a packet full of strawberries in our fridges get damaged. In the present world daily we waste 25% of food (i.e.,fruits and vegetables). So, Kavitha Shukla an NRI girl founded a paper called freshpaper.

Does It sound something weird that what a piece of paper can do? and what actually fresh paper is ? FreshPaper is a piece or sheet of paper made of organic spices -by not using any chemicals. Using Fresh Paper is easy and very low cost effective.

Freshpaper usage and working

No wrapping or nothing usage is very simple just take the sheet of freshpaper and keep it in the fridge drawer or where ever the fruits and vegetables are present. freshpaper makes  the fruits and vegetables get ripen very lately i.e., it reduces the decreases growth rate of bacteria and makes fruits and vegetables fresh for 2- 4 times longer than the actual time period.

How did Kavitha Shukla get the idea from?

“When i was 12 i went to India for my summer vacation to my grandmother’s house there i drank tap water then my grandmother gave me a mixture of spices mixed with water to escape from illness, then I really escaped from illness. Then I returned to America and started experimenting and doing research on it, and finally got a result and made a paper called freshpaper now many people like farmers and co-operatives are using our freshpaper” says Kavitha Shukla.
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Using freshpaper is very much useful to the world because the food will be saved. In our present world, the production 25% of food is lost due to many reasons. Using the freshpaper is not difficult and moreover, it is not costly. The better and easy way to get rid of wastage of fruits and vegetables is one and the only way is to use freshpaper and save the food.