How replacing soda with soft drink can help fight diabetes?

In a study researchers found that for every five percent increase in energy intake provided by sweetened drinks like soft drinks and artificially sweetened beverages can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes. In detail, each extra regular serving of soft drinks, sweetened milk beverages or other sweetened beverages contributes to the increased risk of type 2 diabetes by 22% approx. On the other side consumption of coffee or tea was not associated with the increasing risk of diabetes.

Researchers calculated that the risk of diabetes no longer shows any increase rather decreases if certain drinks were replaces with water, coffee or sweetened coffee. Daily intake of any of these was found to decrease the risk by 14% and replacing daily serving of sweetened milk beverage reduce the risk by 21-26%. Whereas, study show that replacing sugar sweetened drink with artificially sweetened drink did not show any reduction in the risk of diabetes.

Replacing these healthy alternative drinks with the artificially sweetened beverages can help you cut the risk of diabetes and also keep you healthy whereas increasing the intake of these drinks result in increased risk of the disease. The fact remained that the diet intake was only monitored in the beginning of the study and does not allow for the changes that may have occurred over time.

The intake of sweet beverages is much more than those recorded in the study and suggest that greater health benefits are possible.